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Food Science Program Scholarships

  • Damon V. Catron Scholarship
    For outstanding seniors majoring in food science.
  • W. H. E. Reid Scholarship in Dairy Technology
    For students majoring in food science who have interest in employment in the dairy foods industry.
  • *J.E. Edmondson Educational Fund
    Funds scholarships and other projects having a direct relationship to the education of undergraduate students enrolled in food science.
  • *Beck Flavors Scholarship
    For freshmen or sophomores majoring in food science.
  • Elizabeth Wilhelm Weeks Scholarship
    For juniors and seniors enrolled in food science. Based on employment while attending MU, extracurricular activities, volunteer work and participation in a social organization. Special attention given to any personal obstacles the student has overcome.
  • Eugene V. Nay Scholarship
    For students with a professional interest in food science.
  • The Harold P. Dugdale Scholarship
    Graduate student(s) majoring in meat science. This award is in honor of Mr. Dugdale, a native of St. Joseph, Mo., who was an early leader in the beef packing business. The scholarship goes to a deserving graduate student(s), majoring in the area of meat science. The applicant should have demonstrated high scholastic ability in both graduate and undergraduate studies. The student should be interested in pursuing a career in meat science after graduation.
  • Anheuser-Busch Fellowship Award
    For full-time students enrolled in food science who have financial need and have shown academic achievement and the potential to contribute to the private enterprise sector of the scientific community.
  • Wendell S. Arbuckle Ice Cream Endowment
    For undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in food science who are planning careers in ice cream research and education.
  • Owen J. Cotterill Education Fund
    For students majoring in food science; funds scholarships and support for conferences, short courses or field experience.
  • Dr. Richard Epley Assistantship in Food Science
    For graduate students in food science with preference to students in meat science. A 2.75 grade point average is required.
  • Dr. Marion Fields Graduate Fellowship Fund
    For graduate students in food science area with a preference for students in microbiology.
  • Faye W. Ferguson Graduate Fellowship Award
    Two-year award for graduate students majoring in food science.
  • *Institute of Food Technology Awards
    For outstanding students with professional interest in food science.
  • Robert T. Marshall Food Science Fund
    For outstanding students in food science.
  • Missouri Dairy Products Association Don Kullman Scholarship
    For Food Science students who plan to pursue career in the dairy industry. Preference is for students with family in the dairy industry, who maintain a 3.0 GPA and are active members of the Dairy Products Judging Team.
  • Missouri Milk, Food & Environmental Health Association Scholarship
    For outstanding students enrolled in fields related to food science. Obtain application from Food Science and Human Nutrition Scholarship Committee, 122 Eckles Hall, Columbia, MO 65211.
  • Producers and Texas Livestock Marketing Association of Kansas City Scholarship
    For undergraduate students majoring in animal sciences and/or meat science.

St. Louis Section of IFT Awards

Application forms are available in 256 William C. Stringer Wing. Applications must be returned no later than Feb. 1.

  • *James O. Mavis St. Louis Institute of Food Technology Scholarship
    For outstanding freshmen with interest in professional employment in the food industry.
  • Robert L. Hawley St. Louis Institute of Food Technology Scholarship
    For sophomores demonstrating superior scholarship and exceptional interest in professional employment in the food industry.
  • Charles M. Harrold St. Louis Institute of Food Technology Scholarship
    For juniors majoring in food science.
  • E.H. Harvey St. Louis Institute of Food Technology Scholarship
    For outstanding seniors with professional interest in food science.

National IFT Scholarships are also available: 23 graduate fellowships, 52 junior/senior scholarships, 32 freshman/sophomore scholarships. Application forms are due in February/March and available online.

Food Science Association Awards

No application is necessary as the award recipient is selected by the members of the Food Science Association.

  • Anselma DeGuzman Memorial Award
    Member of the Food Science Association. This award was named in honor of Ms. Anselma DeGuzman who was killed in an accident while a student in the Food Science and Nutrition Department. The award is given to a student member of the Food Science Association who has exhibited a sincere and active interest in the Association’s activities and objectives. The selection of a recipient shall be made on the following basis: Effort in scholastic achievement and need for assistance in continuation of his/her education.

Other Scholarship Available to MU Students

  • Missouri Association of Meat Processors Scholarship
    Undergraduate in any major. Preference made for relatives of employees of Missouri Meat Processors. Please contact MAMP directly.

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To learn more about Food Science scholarships, contact Andrew Clarke, Ph.D.