Faculty research areas include:

Food Chemistry

  • Analytical chemistry with applications in food composition, flavor chemistry and the influence of food ingredients on quality attributes of foods.

Food Analysis

  • Novel instrumental methods for the characterization of safety and quality attributes of agricultural and food products, computer vision development for food quality evaluation.

Food Microbiology

  • Rapid and novel detection methods for foodborne pathogens, investigations of the applications and safety of novel antimicrobial agents.

Food Engineering and Process Control

  • Food processing and preservation, processing of grain-based foods, new uses of agricultural materials and biomechanics, food extrusion, process design and development; food process control and automation.

Functional Foods

  • New applications of phytochemicals and other bioactive compounds to enhance food quality and human health; processing technologies to improve consumer acceptability of health-promoting foods, functional food components in chemoprevention and cardiovascular health.

Meat Science and Processing Technology

  • Restructured or low-fat meat products, supercritical fluid extraction and meat extrusion, enhancing the efficiency and quality of red meat through livestock production practices and meat processing technologies.